Social Media Management

Ichitan Social Media Management

Ichitan is a really big success in Thailand. And so is Ichitan’s Yen Yen. A new kind of ice tea known to be a great companion with spicy food. However, Ichitan’s drinks are not getting the market traction it deserves in Indonesia. So our task is to bring the success of Ichitan from Thailand to Indonesia using the power of Social Media.

The Brief

Ichitan is the most popular Ice Tea brand in Thailand. Now Ichitan brings it’s beloved drinks to Indonesia. It is Maleo’s task to increase brand awareness of the Ichitan’s brand and drinks including Honey & Lemon, Lychee and Yen Yen.

Our Role

We are helping Ichitan Indonesia by providing Social Media Maintenance. This includes optimising the overall social media strategy, creating daily content as well as the media buying to increase the needed brand awareness.